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Our 21st School Family is brimmed with joy in celebrating Silver Jubilee Year. Our School was established in the year 1987 with a noble cause of providing a quality education by our Founder Thiru.Dr. E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan M.A., M.L.,(USA),Ph.d., Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, PG, Law & Justice, New Delhi.  It crawled, developed, grew, and competed with all the challenges and looks this beautiful shape today, with all High-tech and International Standard.


      The pollution-free, evergreen natural environment, stimulate the students and staff to take part in their regular work peacefully.  The Spacious, Well Ventilated equipped with comfortable furniture, entice the students to jubilant feel of stay and study in the school.

       The parental care is given by our dedicated and highly qualified team of teachers. New Techno logic based class room activities, IT & Computer Practical knowledge, individual Smart Board for both Primary & High School with Internet connection make our students pace with the day to day challenges of the world.

       All the National Festivals and other important days are observed meaningfully.

Our daily prayer is very special in our school.  The prayer is conducted by of lower and higher classes every day. In the prayer, students read Tamil & English News, say Kural, Proverbs, General knowledge Tips and express their talents by adding  up to date events.  Every class teacher shares valuable information daily in the prayer.

Our school is a fulfilled platform for Education.  Yes, our Achievements are still going and it is a fruit of hard work and stamina.

Our Founder has also announced a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh for any number of students who score State Rank in X and XII Government Examination.

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